Dating After Decades


 Understand the 6 keys to unlocking the confidence 

and ability to date again



Getting out there again after many years can seem scary and overwhelming...but it doesn't have to be! 

After more than 25 years, I got back out into the dating world.  


Yes, it was scary, and a lot had changed, but I did it! And I want to help you do it, too, in a thoughtful, informed way.


We'll explore the 6 key areas that keep you from moving forward and how to navigate them successfully!

    Inside this course, 

you get...


           Module 1

 Getting Clear on What You DO WANT
 So You Don't Get What You Don't Want!

You know you want to bring someone new into your life, someone to share your life in some way, but how clear are you on what you want that to look like? If you're like many people who start dating again, you may not have truly clarified what it is you want in any great detail.

The problem is, without true clarity of what you want to bring into your life, you run a great risk of winding up with what you don't want, ultimately asking yourself, "How did I get here?" and saying, "This isn't what I wanted!"      


Inside Module #1, You'll Discover:


✓ What do you want? And why?  
✓ How to create your vision of the relationship you want  
✓ What are your values and the importance of using them as your guiding principles



           Module 2

    Working Through Roadblocks     
    & Limiting Beliefs so You Can 
    Actually Get Going!  


You're thinking about getting out in the dating world, you want to get out there, but something is holding you back (maybe more than one thing).  
Your brain's job is to keep you safe.  And it thinks it is keeping you safe by keeping the status quo - even if you are unhappy in your current situation.  
Our brains tell us all kinds of stories to keep us from putting ourselves out there, from doing something different, from trying something new.  And it's sneaky about it...we often aren't even aware that that's what is happening!  


Inside Module #2 You'll Explore:

Roadblocks and limiting beliefs that are holding you back, including:
    *Fear of...
    *Guilt over...
    *Overwhelmed by...
    *"Not good enough" syndrome 
      (not pretty enough, not interesting enough,  
      not a good enough body, etc...)


             Module 3

              How Do I Meet People?
                     Where Do I Go?
                (Online & In-Person)

 You've decided you are ready to dip your toe back into the dating scene, but a lot has changed since the last time you were out there. Should you try online dating? What are the other options? Once you've connected with someone, what do you do between that first connection and the first date?      


Inside Module #3, You'll Learn:

 ✓Some of your online dating options  
✓ Online dating profile tips  
✓ Some "off-line" dating options  
✓ Tips for before that first date 



              Module 4

          I'm on a Date...Now What?!


You've done it! You've taken that big step of saying "yes" to a date. Now you're sitting there, across from another human being...gulp!! First dates can be scary, but you can take some of the fear out of it with a little forethought and preparation. 


Inside Module #4, You'll Learn:


✓What to talk about  
✓ Managing expectations  
✓ How much to share



            Module 5

 Talking About That Topic That No One Wants to Talk About...Sex


It's been a long time - years... maybe decades since you've been intimate sexually with someone new. The idea of it can be terrifying. BUT you want it to be a part of your life...part of your relationship. AND it can be. 

 We'll walk through the different aspects - physical and emotional - regarding physical intimacy after a long time so that you can feel more confident to take that step, if and when you want.



Inside Module #5, You'll Look At:


 ✓How soon after I meet someone is it okay or right to have sex?  
✓ Why talking about sex with your potential partner is so important (and how to have that conversation)
✓ How to deal with the fact that you don't have the body of a 20-year-old (and neither does he!)  
✓ Physical aspects of sex

              Module 6

    Your Safety Matters  - Tips for 
     Being Safe in Person and Online


You're thinking about dating again, but you may hesitate because you're worried about your safety - your personal safety, your information and your assets. We've all heard about people who've been scammed or taken advantage of in some way. But there are steps you can take to keep yourself safe. 



Inside Module #6, You'll Learn:


✓Safety tips for online dating  
✓ Safety tips for meeting in person  
✓ Warning signs  
✓ Issues in the current dating climate



What People Who Have Taken the Course Say... 

 "I wanted to get back into dating after many years and found the prospect more than daunting.   So much of what is online is geared for younger daters.   I needed some guidance in order to even get started and found it in "Dating After Decades."    I loved that the program was self-paced and that I could skip around the modules in order to focus on what was most useful to my needs.    After working through the materials, I felt ready and confident enough to take the plunge!   Kathleen was exactly the open, insightful coach I needed to get started on my new adventure, and I hope to join her support group when it gets underway." 

 ~ Pat C 



I want to express how much I truly enjoyed Dating After Decades. This course was informational, well laid out and very user friendly. I learned a lot about myself personally. There is a module at the beginning of the course that guides you through really figuring out what your values are and how you express them. This is so important when looking for a new partner and was something I had not considered. This exercise alone makes this course an excellent tool of self discovery. I felt connected to Kathleen as she shared some of her own personal struggles and I truly appreciated her own willingness to be vulnerable. I enjoyed her guest speakers immensely! They were candid and knowledgeable just like Kathleen. I would highly recommend this course for anyone who is considering dating or even dating now. The tools Kathleen gives you in this course are very beneficial with so much great information, worksheets and tools that I had not ever considered. Thank you Kathleen for this invaluable course!! I feel more confident than ever! 

~Tess M


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Self-Paced Course Includes...

*Open-ended access to the Dating After Decades course

*6 learning modules with 25 lessons

*Any added material & bonus items added to the course

*Email support for questions or technical issues 




Course and Coaching Support Includes the 

Self-Paced Course...

 *Open-ended access to the Dating After Decades course

 *6 learning modules with 25 lessons

 *Any added material & bonus items added to the course

 *Email support for questions or technical issues



 *Weekly coaching for 3 months (12 weeks) to help you work through the modules and to support you on your individual and unique journey. 





My goal with this course is to give you tools to get into the dating world in a smart, fun, safe be able to see through the fear and uncertainty so that you can take steps to creating the life that you want.  


I am confident you will find the material provided valuable to you.


However, if for any reason, in the next 60 days, you are unhappy 
 with your purchase, I will refund your money, 100%. No questions asked.  We do not want "unhappy money."


If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at  [email protected]      

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